[su_heading style=”line-dark” size=”24″]The Rohingya in Aceh[/su_heading]


In May 2015, thousands of Rohingya and Bangladeshi migrants were rescued by Acehnese fishermen after being on the sea for weeks. Acehnese fishermen and their society have agreed to help and host the migrants. Photos by Henri Ismail. Thanks to Kyoto Review of Southeast Asia


[su_heading style=”line-dark” size=”24″]Transitional Justice[/su_heading]


Dr Christopher Lamont from the University of Groningen, the Netherlands, speaks about Transitional Justice, and how Asia might address the legacy of past human rights abuses.


[su_heading style=”line-dark” size=”24″]Gender Mainstreaming[/su_heading]


Gender Mainstreaming— experiences from post-conflict Cambodia. The views of Ms. Nakagawa Kasumi, a lecturer from Pannasastra University of Cambodia who teaches gender studies.


[su_heading style=”line-dark” size=”24″]Students on Peacebuilding[/su_heading]


PAHSA students from Indonesia, Cambodia, and the Philippines, answer just one question, “What does peace mean in my country?”


What is the most important thing in peacebuilding? Here are the thoughts of students from Southeast Asia universities studying on the PAHSA 2013/2014 Semester Program in Japan.