About Us

Asia Peacebuilding Initiatives (APBI) project

The APBI website seek to offer an informative platform that provides analyses, background briefs, and commentaries by specialists  on on-going conflicts in Asia, with initial focus on four areas: Myanmar, Southern Philippines, Southern Thailand, and Bangladesh.  

Our editorial policy is to offer analyses and briefs based on “on-the-ground, hands-on” perspective of regional studies, but set in a broader context of the dynamics of regional and global international politics. The editorial group is an interdisciplinary enterprise, comprised of regional experts and international politics generalists, in order to ensure that background briefs and analyses of particular issues are informative, relevant, and also accessible to a wider audience, including policymakers, journalists, students and the general reader.



ASAMI, Yasuhito (Hosei University)

Contributing Editors (in alphabetical order):
—ISHII, Masako (Rikkyo University)
—KUSAKABE, Naonori (Tokyo University of Foreign Studies)
—MATSUNO, Akihisa (Osaka University)
—NEMOTO, Kei (Sophia University)


Asia Peace Initiatives Department at THE SASAKAWA PEACE FOUNDATION